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Some Great Reasons to order and Use List Sorcerer the professional grade email marketing software suite.

List Sorcererä is a complete email marketing software. You will never have to purchase anything else, This bulk email marketing software is equipped with so many added features that you will probably never need them all. But most importantly no other marketing or email software contains the important basics that are the foundation of what this email marketing campaign software suite is built on.

List Sorcererä has a complete list management system build inside, this management system leverages on the latest technologies, List Sorcererä is database driven and ships with the runtime version of SYBase SQLAnywhereä

List Sorcererä comes equipped with full POP3 management abilities, you will not only be able to use this in order to process your customers removal requests but also to send follow-up emails, confirmation emails, forward emails on to other email accounts based upon criteria, among other functionality it is also able to generate lists from these processed emails.

List Sorcererä have true 24 MANä abilities, this means that you can have multiple copies of List Sorcererä running on the same machine all performing a different task in order to jointly get a job done. Imagine being able to have one program mailing, the other processing your incoming orders, perhaps another creating a target list that the first program is mailing from.

List Sorcererä fully support the personalization of outgoing email in either text or html mode. This means that you can now send graphics, forms ect.. List Sorcererä also support the emailing of resident and nonresident lists.

List Sorcererä supports all modes of sending your email such as, Act as Mail Server Mode, Submit to existing SMTP Server Mode. List Sorcererä can also send your email out using ESMTP servers that require user authentication short no other program offers the flexability that List Sorcererä has to offer.

List Sorcererä is fully ODBC complient., The list goes on and on...

List Sorcerer costs Only

$ 399.00 USD
and this includes one year of support and FREE program updates.

Call 1-416-693-8395

to make your Purchase