What is List Sorcerer™?


List Sorcererä is a complete full-circle email newsletter and marketing campaign solution which can manage, import, extract and personalize your outbound email messages.  List Sorcererä is fully Can-Spam compliant and automates the process of double opt-in membership, members joining, members leaving, soft and hard mail bounces etc.  List Sorcererä works with it own internal database or directly with your existing customer database and automatically archives all member actions and other informative data back to the original data source being used, this information is always readily available for your viewing.  Everything within the List Sorcererä program is easily configured using a serious of integrated wizards.  List Sorcererä comes with a robust set of email templates and also supports advanced SQL processing should your require, however using these advanced features is not a requirement as list sorcerer comes completely pre-configured to deal with the majority of todays marketing scenarios.  


All the mailing and management functions are included in this one package &endash; there is no need to purchase separate software for separate functions.  Once List Sorcererä has been set up, the process is completely automated, allowing you to use your other computer resources while it does the work.    List Sorcererä was built from the ground up to be a true enterprise enabled application.  All of its program functionality is designed to work seamlessly with each other.  List Sorcererä is the most complete, cost effective marketing management software available anywhere today.  List Sorcererä was written using our robust proprietary programming code.  Don't let its simply user friendly interface confuse you, as List Sorcererä has the true power of an email marketing monster.  This program is a True Client/server capable solution, you can run it on one machine or on a 100 machines and have them all using the same database.  This means that List Sorcererä will be able to grow as your business grows. Please take a moment to view some of the powerful features that this program has to offer and how easy it is using list sorcerer to create self managing newsletters, campaigns and email with the magic touch.